December 20, 2014

The Northwest Corner


Neal performing “Heaven’s Northwest Corner” at a talent show, 2014.

If you’ve attended a talent show or closing ceremony at Camp Wyldewood before, you’re familiar with the phrase “Heaven’s Northwest Corner”. At the end of each camp session, we sing a song written by Neal Rolett to remind us that while our time is coming to a close, we will be united by Christ in eternity. 2015 marks a milestone year for camp with all the changes occurring, not the least of these being The Northwest Corner Podcast.

The Northwest Corner is a way to remember the history that was paved before us and kept Camp Wyldewood founded on Jesus Christ. Listen to Camp Director Robert Powell connect the past to the present and hear why Wyldewood is such a unique place.

 Episode #1: Heaven’s Northwest Corner
Released December 23, 2014

Listen to an interview with songwriter Neal Rolett and learn about his song “Heaven’s Northwest Corner,” how it has become our official song, and the winding road that keeps leading him back to Wyldewood.


Listen to the song only here:


 Episode #2: Summer Camp 2015
Released January 19, 2015

Chad Hudelson and Robert Powell talk about what will be new at camp next summer as well as the old favorites that will be back again.

Episode #3: The Groovers Come to Wyldewood
Released March 5, 2015

Coach Hugh Groover became Wyldewood’s second director in 1968, but he and his wife, Mildred, made the dusty drive through the Wyldewood gates long before that. Hear Mildred’s memories of how she and Coach first camp to camp and forever affected us all.


There’s no mistaking the sound of his voice. Listen to a sermon from Coach taped on October 15, 1988. 


Coach Groover baptizing a camper

Coach Groover baptizing a camper


Coach Groover’s wife, Mildred, and her nephew, Dean.


Episode #4: The Janie Kirby Legacy Award

Released March 26, 2016

How do you change the world? You take on the persona of Christ around the people you know. That’s what Janie Kirby did and we will learn more about her from her friend, Joyce Richardson Wilson, and we’ll talk with the first-ever Kirby Award winner, Kayla Rogers.


Joyce Wilson and Janie Kirby at camp, early 70’s. 


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