April 30, 2013

Donations and Support

We exist because of the generous and faithful gifts of our supporters who believe in the Wyldewood mission of sharing Jesus and changing lives. If you’ve experienced a blessing because of Wyldewood, please consider joining other individuals and organizations who provide us monetary support. Wyldewood is committed to continuing our mission of spreading the gospel to children and can do so through your support.

Do you want to make recurring donations?  Use the PayPal “Donate” button below.

Select a monthly amount and then click the orange “Donate” button.

Recurring Monthly Donation

You can also use these other options available to give one-time or recurring donations.  However, the method above is the easiest and best way to set up recurring donations for Camp Wyldewood.

PP_Acceptance_Marks_for_LogoCenter_266x142Paypal (option 2) – This other option of Paypal is the quick and easy to make one-time and recurring donations to Wyldewood. To do recurring donations with this option and have the ability to enter in any amount (unlike option 1 above) You Must Use Desktop Computer for Recurring Option to Be Available.



unnamedSquare Cash/Cash.me Page:  Camp Wyldewood’s Square Cash page is the quickest and easiest way to  make one-time donations to Wyldewood with 98.1% of the funds going straight to camp.  Cash.me page for Easy One-Time Donations



ucsales_logoUltraCamp – Lowest processing fee way to give one-time and recurring donations to Camp Wyldewood.  Wyldewood gets most of the money this way but the donation process is a little trickier to set up.  UltraCamp Donations Method (Automatic Bank Withdrawal).  If you choose UltraCamp, see the last video below for a detailed tutorial on how to set it up (it is a little tricky).


Please Check Out our Wyldewood Donations Promo Video:



You can always call the office at 501-305-3000 to talk more about donations or write a check directly or set up automatic bank withdrawals with your bank.  No matter what option you choose, we would like to help make it easier and smoother for you to give to camp and help us out.






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